Grain Drain

This will be a short one. Just a week into this gluten-less existence and I’m over it.

I went to a movie premiere last night (City Island, if you must know, and what a funny, charming film!) and then the after party. Waiters traveled the bar with appetizers, all of which looked delightful. But they were all on some sort of bread. So I stood there, hungry, hoping my glass of white wine would provide enough stamina, dreaming of pizza, when a waiter asked me why I wasn’t eating the delicious offerings. When I mentioned being gluten free, he rushed off and brought me back a bowl of tomato soup. I was seriously grateful and very impressed. The gluten issue isn’t on everyone’s radar. In fact, when I ask if there’s wheat in something, I’ve had waitresses reply, “Oh no, there’s no meat in it.” Hmmm. It’s starting to dawn on me on how inconvenient it is to severely limit any type of popular food from your diet.

Plus, both of us felt roundly unwell yesterday after the enchilada fest on Sunday night. I guess I should start following my own rules and cut out the corn. So here’s to planning this weeks menu (which I have yet to do) and quinoa, brown rice, and GF baguettes.


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