Not-So-Guilty Pleasures: Lambrusco

A perfect drink for a summer day.

I am no saint. Whether it comes to life or food, I believe that we live in one giant construct and it is utterly impossible to meet or follow all applicable guidelines. Worst of all is feeling guilty about doing something pleasurable. So I just don’t. But some pleasures are not only fun, but also not that bad. I don’t want to run out and claim that they are good, but they are at least not worth worrying about.

So in honor of that, I will attempt to bring you things I find delicious, or sumptuous, but that leave me feeling satisfied with no residual thoughts of, “Oh, I over indulged on that one!”

This inaugural blog is about my new favorite drink: Lambrusco!

Lambrusco is a slightly fizzy Italian wine made from a grape that shares the same name. It is best served chilled on a hot summer day, it can be sweet or dry, and is what I would like to dub “party wine.” I could imagine it making a sangria deee-licious. But why is it a not-so-guilty pleasure?

Clear and simple: It’s alcohol content hovers around 8%. That’s like a micro-brewed beer, similar to my favorite Pranqster. Except instead of a pint of beer, most wine is served in 4 or 5 ounce portions. Which simply means that I can happily sip on two glasses of Lambrusco and feel no regret that I’ve broken the proverbial “one serving of alcohol per woman per day” mantra that is being repeated, ad nauseum, in articles world-wide.  In fact, one glass with lunch would produce no effect at all on my normally very low resistance to such delightful beverages.

Since most wines run from 12-14% alcohol content, after one glass I am usually already tipsy. This is not the case with Lambrusco. The best part of all, for those of us who live near a Trader Joe’s, is that they carry a Lambrusco for $4.99.  A fun wine at a silly price, how can you go wrong?  Sure, it might be easy to get going on a bottle of Lamby and not stop, but the best remedy for that is to share it with others. And if you do drink an entire bottle, well, it’s not as bad as consuming a whole Cabernet all alone.



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