Not-So-Guilty Pleasures: Tarts

I know you’re thinking I’ve lost my mind. Actually, I’ve just found a way to avoid the dessert-related guilt, and am quite sane, thank you.

Summer is one of my favorite months specifically because of the fruit. My parents have several fruit trees, and when those suckers are ready to go, there’s no stopping them. So I run amok trying to make buckets of apricots and peaches useful. Jams, tarts, pies, cobblers, muffins, and bags of fruit sent off with whoever is standing close to me at the moment. Since ripe goodness is pretty much on display everywhere, and it’s absolutely too delicious (and bountiful) to just be eaten raw, I must bake.

But the baking comes with several qualifiers. First, I use organic, sprouted Spelt flour.  Spelt is an ancient grain that has come back into common use among the healthy-set for it’s nutty flavor, whole grain goodness, and similarity to white flour. It’s already good, but sprouting it makes it even better. By sprouting a grain, you lower the amount of phytic acid in it, thus making it’s nutrients more easily absorbed. Mix in a dash of agave nectar and some fat, and you have yourself a tart shell.

Next, the fruit. Depending on what type of tart you’re making you can either put in a little agave syrup (I use a 1/3 of a cup for apricots) or none at all for peaches and other sweet fruits. A dash or two will help their juices solidify at the bottom. With very little sugar, fresh fruit, and whole grain goodness as a cussion, dessert was never better for you. I found the specific recipe here and made a few changes, but it is divine. Plopping on some fresh whipped cream or creme fraiche really adds something to the apricot tart, but I suspect that a peach one would be just fine on it’s own.

With a whole lot less sugar, a sprouted whole grain, and some ripe apricots there’s literally no room for guilt. Unless you end up eating the whole tart by yourself. In that case, at least you can say you’ve met your daily requirement of vitamin C and B 6 for the day, right?


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