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Some of my Favorites

I’m swamped, overrun, and completely don’t have time to post. But I want to, because you know that if you stop doing something regularly, then you fall off the truck. Hence I bring to you this lazy post about my top ten personal care products.

Being anti-chemical is not easy, as those chemicals help get you smelling good and feeling clean. And I’ve done quite a bit of research to find the products that are not only safe, but also work well. Now, without further ado, the list:

1. Poofy Organics Baby Poof Body Wash/Shampoo. It’s vegan, it has 5 ingredients, and it keeps my oily hair clean. Plus they’re safe enough for a baby.

2. Burt’s Bees Herbal Deodorant – It’s a spray, and although it smells a little herby, it does the job well. Plus, it’s easy to reapply and, no need to worry about getting smelly bacteria on a stick or roll-on applicator.

3. Poofy Organics Dynamite Detangler & Leave In Conditioner – I used to have short hair. I never brushed it. Now that it’s long, the mass of tangles at the back of my head is the bane of my existence. So, this little guy helps keep my hair moisturized and my hair tangle-free, or at least close enough.

4. Poofy Organics Shower & Shaving Gel – Great wash, great shave, and super clean in terms of ingredients.

5. Ayur Medic Orange Blossom Exfoliating Cleansing Milk – This exfoliating wash is so gentle, I use it nightly. Helps keep my skin looking fresh and glowy.

6. Ayur Medic Enrichment Cream – I can’t say enough about how much I love this cream. My skin is dry, so I need all the help I can get. Not only does this go on smoothly, moisturize all day, but it also smells great!

7. Ecco Bella Black Mascara – You don’t need much of this mascara, in fact, the less you put on, the more natural it looks. Now if I would only stop rubbing my eyes and smearing it…

8. Pigment Relief Gel – All women eventually learn that a youthful appearance is based on keeping an even skin tone. That’s why we use foundation and concealer, duh. This guy, however, helps get scars, sun spots, and all that other crud, under control so that you can look perfect even without foundation.

9. Poofy Supernaturals Hand & Body Lotion – Goes on smooth, moisturizes well, and comes in a bunch of scents. Love it! Only negative is that it expires after about 6 months, so you can’t stockpile it.

10. Badger 30+ Lightly Scented Sunscreen – This guy protects your face like you wouldn’t believe. It’s a little smelly at first, but you get used to it. A little goes a long way, it’s super safe, and great for kids too.

So those are my day-to-day products that I love and feel good using about. Let me know if you try any of them and what you think, or if you have any other recommendations for natural products.


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Slather it On

We are a vain culture. Lotions, creams, make up, shampoos, polishes, toners and scrubs all find their way onto our skin with hopes of youthful, glowing radiance.

But those same products seep into our skin, our bloodstream, our tissues and organs. Do we know what they do there when they arrive? How do they react on a cellular level? Does our liver really need anti-wrinkle cream?

The fact is, we are just beginning to study the hundreds of thousands (you read that correctly) chemicals found in personal care products. Now, I have covered this topic before, but a new study recently came out showing the presence of parabens in breast tumor tissue.

What are parabens? They are preservatives, added to keep your lotion lasting for years, your mascara from going bad, and your deodorant from turning rancid. We have known for a while that there are a lot of things found in breast cancer tissue – BPAs, aluminum, and so forth. Most scientists agree that consumers should not be applying parabens all over their body – like in body wash, lotion, or sunscreen. They seem to be a bit more laissez-faire about parabens in make up, face creams, and other area-specific products.

But the fact is – they just don’t really know what parabens do. Because they are classified as xenoestrogens, or agents that mimic estrogen in the body, it’s at least mentioned that they may be a risk factor in hormone-receptive breast cancer. Particularly with long term exposure. After all, fatty tissues love to store estrogen and excess toxens, and breasts are an ideal, ever-present location of fatty tissue.

To find paraben free products, I recommend using Skin Deep, a personal care products data base that rates the toxicity of various products. My recent personal favorite is Poofy Organics.  null Not only are they extremely low on the toxicity scale, they work. Many of their products are multi-functional as well – like shower gel/shaving cream in one. Their products do expire more quickly than those with parabens, but I typically find that I use them up before they go bad anyway. Oh, and my recommendations are based on years of searching and trying various skin care companies. I am not paid by or affiliated with either site.

So what happens when you keep putting parabens on various parts of your body for decades, and they get whisked away and stored in fatty tissues, where they mimic estrogen? The real question is, do you want to find out?

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